A Guide to Giving Handbags as Holiday Gifts

Handbags are everyday wear for most women. Giving a handbag as a gift can be tricky unless you have the low down on the basic kinds and your girl’s handbag habits. Handbags developed out of the need for ladies to have something to carry their values in. Handbags have been in the western vernacular to some degree since the 14th century.

Handbags are used for practical storage of car keys, cell phones, palm pilots, wallets, and makeup. Some women who travel overnight on short trips may keep their overnight wear in their handbags. The fact that airline have severely restrict the size of on luggage that can be carried on means more women on short trips are avoiding the luggage pick up upon arrival and are looking for their handbags to also due double duty as a carry on.

Some hand bags are carried for looks. Handbags brought to match a pair of shoes to be worn to the theater or a Christmas office party would be an example. A little touch up makeup, a credit card, cell phone, and one piece of identification is usually all you will find in these bags and they are meant to be dainty. These are the easiest bags for women to save money on if they are will to visit the thrift store. Many times they were used once and set aside.

You can find top notch rarely used vintage party bags at most thrift stores. If you know what dress your girl has picked out for New Years Eve find her an amazing vintage hand bag at the second hand store. Go for the boutique section and for the high visibility label. It may be the only time you can afford to give her a Prada. Be sure to say vintage or retro and not used.

If your girl needs a bag for everyday use to take on the bus or train; consider a shoulder bag. It frees up her to carry her computer bag. Coach patch work bags are expensive but they will go with every outfit and are a classic bag. A medium Coach shoulder bag will carry her every day needs. If your girl truly has to dress for work you might want to consider a large leather tote bag in black, grey, or brown. A lap top bag with some extra room in it may serve the purpose as well. The tote or lap top bag should be large enough for your girl to carry a classic clutch for work should she need to change bags often.

Some travel bags now have small wrist bags that connect to the larger bag but can be removed to use as a purse. These pages are ideal for vacations and students traveling overseas. You can have all your bags together when you board a train or plane, but can quickly unhook your purse to go out to dinner when you have reached your hotel.

Consider getting your girl a collection of wonderful small clutches from the fifties and sixties. These purses don’t always have room for cell phones, but you can find wonderful hardware on well made hard leather bags that usually just require a shine to look as good as new. The traditional clutch looks great with heals and can usually find a space in your girl friends laptop bag.